Keyboard Shortcuts


My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Insert a Note

  • Shift + F2 (PC and Mac)

I love this one for keeping notes on the sheet that don't visually get in the way. This is especially helpful if it’s a sheet you don’t edit that often such as quarterly reports.

Insert Timestamp

  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ; (PC)
  • ⌘ + Option + Shift + ; (Mac)

Insert a timestamp with the format '12/23/2019 15:27:29' (Format ill vary by region)

Insert Date

  • Ctrl + ; (PC)
  • ⌘ + ; (Mac)

Insert the date with the format ‘1/4/2020’ (Format will vary by region)

Select Row/Column

  • Shift + Space (Select Row)
  • Ctrl + Space (Select Column)

When the currently selected cell is in a table, using this shortcut will highlight the row/column in the table. Pressing it again will select the entire row/column across the sheet. Pressing it again will return to selecting the original cell.

Use in conjunction with SHIFT+ARROW to select multiple rows/columns.

Show Context Menu for Selection

  • Ctrl + Shift + \ (PC)
  • ⌘ + Shift + \ (Mac)

Instead of right-clicking on the selection, use this shortcut to bring up the context menu. You can then use the arrow keys to choose the function to apply to the selection.

Clear Formatting

  • Ctrl + \ (PC)
  • ⌘ + \ (Mac)

This is an easy way to clear all the formatting for a selection


  • Ctrl + y, Ctrl + Shift + z, F4 (PC)
  • ⌘ + y, ⌘ + Shift + z, Fn + F4 (Mac)

Great shortcut for repeating an action such as adding a row or to quickly apply formatting to multiple cells.

Search the Menus

  • Alt + / (PC)
  • Option + / (Mac)

This launches a search bar in the menus. This is handy if you don’t know which menu an item is in or just want to see if an item is even available.

The Shortcut of Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + / (PC)
  • ⌘ + / (Mac)

If you are trying to learn keyboard shortcuts, this is the most important one to learn. This will launch a dialog showing the most common keyboard shortcuts and allow you to search for shortcuts.

These are the ones I use the most. Message me on Twitter (@TheSheetsGuy) and let me know you favorite shortcut or any Sheets productivity tips you use.